Trinidad to amend anti-terrorism legislation

(CMC) – The Trinidad and Tobago government Thursday announced plans to amend the existing anti-terrorism legislation making it much more difficult for anyone to participate in terrorist activities at home or abroad.

Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, speaking at the weekly Cabinet news conference said that the amendment to the Anti-Terrorist Act will be presented to the Parliament on Friday.

“We are allowing for specific provisions to allow us to meet with the United Nations resolutions which we have not been fully compliant on,” he said, adding “what we are expanding the definition of property of funds for terrorism and we are specifically going to include oil and other natural resources”.“We are now able to come with a very very comprehensive piece of law which seeks to amend the anti-terrorism act of Trinidad and Tobago,” he said, adding “what we are doing is to specifically attending to the deficiencies observed in the …anti-terrorism marking of Trinidad and Tobago.

Al-Rawi told reporters that terrorism financing is often perceived to be in cash but “in reality there’s a lot of in kind and other resources can be used to fund terrorist organisation.

“So what we did is to broaden the definition….as to the type of property can be used,” he said, adding that the definition of terrorist will now include “persons who contribute to the terrorist act or the financing of terrorism by individual terrorists.

“If you fund it in any form or fashion, whether you are an entity or not …you are going to be captured by this position,” he said, adding that the legislation will also re-define a terrorist act.

He said the authorities are also looking to go beyond just the scope of a terrorist act “to cover offences outside of Trinidad and Tobago.

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