Lack of proper river defence in Vermont/ Buccament area is neglect on part of government

DRP Leader Anesia Baptiste has said the lack of a proper river defence in the Vermont/ Buccament area is the height of neglect on the part of the government.

Speaking on her television programme “Serving The People”, Baptiste said 1.5 million dollars have been allocated in the 2017 estimates towards the Vermont River Defence project, which in her opinion is five years overdue.

She said the flooding has gotten worst people have suffered and lost a lot, and we still do not know if this work would actually be completed this year.

While noting that these things take time, Baptiste said this is a case of neglect and lack of care motivation for the people of Buccament as their situation has worsened and they are not confident that something will be done.

She said the infrastructure that people have to use is being compromised because of the authorities neglecting to address this situation for so many years.

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