USA: Pastor gets caught sleeping with man’s wife, flees naked

(NYDAILYNEWS) Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons broke out running after breaking a couple of commandments with another man’s wife earlier this month, the Tallahassee Democrat reports.

When the enraged husband, Benjamin Stephens, found the two having sex in his oldest daughter’s bed after picking up their sick son early from school, he allegedly yelled, “I’m gonna kill him,” and went to go retrieve a handgun, causing the author of the appropriately titled book “I Need a Man” to flee naked from the apartment.

Simmons jumped over a fence before Stephens came back outside looking for him, where he hid until authorities arrived.

According to the police report, Stephens took the pastor’s deserted clothes, car keys and other belongings.

He would later agree to return the naked man of God’s attire following negotiations with police.

“Citing the interests of all involved,” State Attorney Jack Campbell said he will not prosecute Stephens, nor would Simmons press charges.

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