Beache Not Giving Up On Having A UK Flight For 14th February

The CEO of the Tourism Authority Glen Beache says he is not giving up on having a flight out of the UK for the opening of the Argyle International Airport.

Speaking with announcers on Hot97fm this morning, Beache said there are more intricacies in their rules and regulations, and it is expensive, “ it is really expensive”.

“ One of the reasons why I am not giving up on the UK is that out of the three top places (Canada, USA, UK ) and am not taking anything away from any of them; I think the diaspora in the United Kingdom probably raised the most money for AIA”.

“ All of them deserve it, but there is a particular part of me that really wants to try and get a direct flight out of England, but it is not easy”.

Beache said, one of the things or the quote that they have been giving is in the region of 1500 GBP for a ticket.

“ yes that is the biggest problem, but am not giving up”.

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