Randy’s Supermarket Employee Escapes Near-Death Experience

Dwayne Ballantyne, an employee of Randy’s Supermarket Diamond Outlet, is counting his lucky stars after a near-death experience yesterday morning.

Ballantyne was assisting a customer purchasing L.P.G cooking gas when he became pinned between a truck and the storage facility.

It is reported that the truck driver, Raymond Gittens of McCarthy, exited the truck with the engine running and attempted to offload cargo.

Onlookers said the large truck rolled into the L.P.G storage rack, injuring a customer making a purchase and pinned Ballantyne in the process.

Randys Supermarket Outlet Diamond

Like a scene from an action film, the momentum of the large dump truck carried it careening over the embankment, taking everything in its path….the retaining wall of the supermarket, a coconut tree, the entire storage facility, and its contents, along with Ballantyne.

Onlookers feared that Ballantyne might’ve been pinned, but the agile worker was able to scamper away from the path of the huge truck before it too landed at the bottom of the ravine.

Ballantyne was examined both at the Stubbs Polyclinic and at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and suffered only minor injuries, but was visibly shaken by the horrific ordeal.

Up to press time, the truck was still in the ravine. Efforts were made to remove it by crane, but failed.

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