"Choices Have Consequences" Says Sir Louis Straker

“ Choices have consequences”  so says Representative for Central Leeward Sir Louis Straker speaking at the Groundbreaking ceremony for the Black Sands Resort at MtWynne- Peter’s Hope on Thursday 18th January 2017.

In sending a direct message to CL residents, Straker said;

“ Because of the choice you made,1994, 1998, 2001, 2005, 2010, and 2015, you are having a development in an area that maybe,  many of your parents and grandparents toiled on as estate workers”.

Straker said the Opposition had opposed the project, this very project that would bring economic and long-term benefits to the Central Leeward area.

  “ The people of Central Leeward would know,  that they are richly rewarded for the investment they made in the ULP government ”.

Sir Louis noted that if you came from the windward side,  you would have observed a most magnificent structure at Buccament Bay called a polyclinic which has been erected for some time.

He said the facility is being furnished and further stated that such a project is something that the people of CL can be proud of.

Straker stated that himself and residents would come together soon to open the doors to the facility.

“ shortly in the next two or so weeks we are going to spend about a million dollars in (Bottle and Glass) a village in the town of Barrouallie, one million dollars to provide for bathrooms, and toilet facilities to upgrade the community”.

“ we do not want the community which is a poor one, to wallow in poverty, we want to provide them with the best facilities, construction would begin shortly on that facility”.

Straker made a note of the largest housing scheme in St Vincent and the Grenadines and also pointed to the Central Leeward Secondary School situated not too far from the housing project,  telling residents that have benefited tremendously for their faith in the Government.

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