USA: Teen sets sleeping stranger on fire aboard train , tries to record it

(NYDAILYNEWS) It was baptism by fire on a G train in Queens when a maniacal teen set a sleeping man ablaze early Friday — and tried to videotape his burning victim.

“He said the guy who lit him on fire was still around, constantly laughing,” said Pawel Olszewski, whose twin brother Piotr, 30, was attacked as the train approached its last stop at Court Square in Long Island City around 2:30 a.m.

The train’s only other passenger was 18-year-old Christopher Jackson – who has a history of arson arrests.

A stunned Olszewski woke up to find the right arm of his jacket on fire, his brother said.

As he screamed in pain, Jackson stood nearby — staring at him. A smile crept over the creep’s face as he whipped out his cellphone to record a video.

“The worst thing is the person who lit him on fire stayed there and recorded it. He never left the scene. He was actually happy about it.

His traumatized brother was resting after being released from New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell with severe burns.

The firebug may have gotten away — if not for the quick actions of two transit workers.

Conductor Robert Turner and Duane Sorrentino, a motorman, were leaving the subway dispatchers office in the station to take their return trip to Brooklyn when they smelled smoke.

They spotted a disheveled-looking man on the platform who they thought may be homeless.

Jackson was arrested at the scene for arson, reckless endangerment and assault.

Olszewski, meanwhile, staggered to the transit booth and was rushed to the hospital with second-and third-degree burns to his right hand and arm, sources said.

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