TRINIDAD: Shots fired at police station, 2 shot and killed

(LOOPTT) Two men were shot and killed, and a police officer injured after a gang shooting occurred at the St Joseph Police Station on Wednesday 18th January, in Trinidad.

According to reports, known gang leader Kerland ‘Mice Man’ George, along with Shameel Ali, visited the station around 3:00 pm to sign the register as per their court orders.

However, two vehicles with members of a rival gang allegedly intercepted his car. A shootout then ensued as the men opened fire, shooting at the George and Ali in front of the station.

Two men were killed while PC Lalchan was injured in the melee. However, his injuries were reportedly not serious.

A witness who lives in the area and prefers not to be named reported hearing the gunshots and is fearful of possible reprisal shootings.

“I feel afraid. We do not know what will happen next, or who will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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