Shot dead for refusing ‘workers’

(TRINIDADEXPRESS) A 48-year-old Arima man was shot dead  for reportedly refusing to hire a group of men to work on his house.

This murder plus two others outside the Maracas St Joseph Police Station saw the murder toll rising to 30 for 2017 up to last night.

Police said the victim, Anthony Roberts, was standing on a scaffolding structure working on his house, located in Frank Hart Street, Arima, when the gunmen went up to him.

The police said the men had a brief conversation with Roberts, follow­ing which two of them drew guns and fired at Roberts who fell to the ground.

The killers fled the scene.

Neighbours who heard the gunshots contacted the Arima police, and a team of officers led by Snr Supt McDonald Jacob went to the scene where they conducted enquiries.

First-respon­der offi­cers at the scene initially thought Roberts had accidentally fallen off the scaf­folding and died, but when the district medical officer examined the body, there was a small gunshot wound to his head.

Investigators also told the Express that two weeks ago while Roberts was working on his house, a group of men approached him asking for work.

He reportedly told the men he did not have any money which was why he was doing the job himself.

The men however assaul­ted Roberts and he made a report to the Arima Police Station. The matter was inves­tiga­ted and police were looking for the men.

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