Medicinal Marijuana Treatment To Be Offered At Black Sands Resort

Medicinal marijuana seems likely to be in the offering for guests when the Black Sands  Resort is completed.

Speaking on Boom Fm recently, Attorney and partner at Pace Development Joesph Romano said;

“ There would be a Pain Management centre at the resort where medicinal marijuana should be legal and should be prescribed by a practising doctor on the island, where we can follow up laws and treat people there”.

“ we also want to do medical tourism whereby if someone wants an aesthetic procedure done, we want to have a surgical grade room where a foreigner can have a transplant or liposuction and recovery; we want to cater to that since the facility would be high end”.

Romano said,  he is a personal injury lawyer practising for over 15 years and have always advocated the use of medicinal marijuana for his clients who are injured and in chronic pain.

“ we work with a group of doctors in Canada who prescribe medicinal marijuana, so it is different then ganja, we monitor the effects and also the benefits”.

Blacksands villas and resort had their groundbreaking ceremony at Mt Wynne-Peter’s Hope on Thursday 19th January  2017.

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