A More Efficient and Accessible NIS in 2017

“In 2017 we will be enhancing the accessibility and mobility of the NIS, by strengthening the NIS on wheels program”, this from Lennox Bowman chairman of the NIS board.

Bowan said this would be done not only for educational purposes but to collect contributions,  since the sustainability of the organisation can only be maintained through a willing contributing sector.

“ To this end, we would be purchasing a vehicle whereby we can extend the reach to the remote areas of St Vincent and the Grenadines”.

Bowman said regarding total quality management and efficient service the NIS have adopted its motto “ Quality Service and Financial Soundness, Serving Because We Care”.

“ we believe that quality is a journey and not a destination, in this regard the institution is continually seeking ways and means to streamline its processes and to ensure that they are on the cutting edge”.

Bowan noted that the NIS had developed performance standards for each of its work process, these are used to establish best practices and norms in the services sector.

“ for example one of our performance standards stipulate that the telephone must be answered by the third ring, while letters and emails should be dealt with in two working days”.

This year Bowan man said the NIS is leading by service. The chairman was speaking at the Customers Appreciation Day held earlier this month.

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