Trinidad: Wattley now party promoter. Dat making any sense?

Weeks after she became a Facebook meme for her sassy line—Dat making any sense? — mother of four, Neisha Wattley has appeared in a promotion video for a fete.

Dressed in a promotional vest for the cooler fete Bikini Bottom, Wattley encouraged viewers to go to the fete, saying to stay away “‘Not making any sense.’”

Within hours, the video went viral with many users commending Wattley for using her fame to benefit herself and her family. At 4 pm yesterday, the video had been shared over 1,300 times and had been viewed a whopping 67,000 times.

Wattley shot into the national spotlight in the days leading up to Christmas 2016 when she made a tearful appeal for a home for her family.

At the time, she lived in a small wooden shack just a few metres off the riverbank that runs parallel to the southern side of Woodford Lodge in Chaguanas with her husband Chris Rambahal and their four children.

On Christmas Eve, Housing Minister Randall Mitchell moved Wattley and her family into a HDC house in Eden Gardens, Freeport. In an interview with a reporter, Wattley vowed to return to the shack as she complained she had no transportation to send her children to school in Chaguanas.

Her husband later said he and his family would stay in the house but by then Wattley’s statements had already been immortalised on social media.

There have been hundreds of memes, parody videos and even t-shirts with Wattley’s face on the front.

Now, she seems to have taken advantage of the hype behind the statement to benefit herself and her family.

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