Peters Hope Developers Hoping To Acquire Buccament Bay Resort

Pace Development Inc, soon to break ground on a US 60 million developmental project in Peters Hope on the island of St Vincent, have set their sights on Buccamment Bay Resort.

The information was disclosed by Joesph Romano of Pace Development Inc while speaking on Boom FM on Wednesday 18th January.

 Romano speaking on the closure of Buccament Resort said it is a great project, but if you are not in that business and does not know to manage it properly, then any business can fail under the right circumstances.

“ We are not aware of the details as to why it failed,  but I think it is a great opportunity if it is sitting there for someone to develop it”.

When asked by the radio host if Pace Development would be interested in Buccament Resort, Romano said;  “Absolutely,  I have expressed this to the Government in an indirect and informal way”.

The developer stated that he did not get an official response. However, he thinks there are a lot of legal technicalities in the foreclosure and bankruptcy issues, and when that gets cleared the company will place a bid for the establishment.

Romano further stated that they had received word from on immediately filling all rooms at Buccament Resort once the company acquires the property. is one of Canada’s largest vacation package company.

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