Argyle International Airport – A New Hope

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Argyle International Airport – A New Hope

The Argyle International Airport located on the mainland of St.Vincent in the Caribbean is gearing up for a release in February 2017. There have been postponed release dates in the past, but this one certainly feels different. The sheer amount of attention that has been brought to it from far and wide is notable enough to help understand that things seem to be developing quickly.

Tours from several stakeholders, invited guests and also employee personnel at the current regional ET.Joshua Airport are being conducted back to back showing the entire airport that the passengers will have access to. I took my tour with the contingency of the SVGHTA (St.Vincent and the Grenadines Hotel and Tourism Association).

Big Up Ourselves! SVGHTA members and family with Descilla Samuel our Tour Guide from Customer Service Relations CSR

The terminal building has an ostentatious design that allow your eyes to easily flow from one section to another with the curving wave like angles and sweeping landscape features ; much like the surrounding area of Argyle. You would imagine it was designed as an international art feature by an architect with a passion project of capturing both the Caribbean’s simple charm and Mediterranean flair.

It wouldn’t be a Caribbean Airport Without an Outside Bar near Arrivals.

Art and culture continues it’s heavy influence within the terminal building, the departures area holds the ‘Argyle Interpretation Center’ which is a gallery displaying the pottery and other artifacts from the tribes who use to inhabit the land found during the excavation of the airport.

The departure lounge is contained in two floors the first for regional flights below and the second for international flights above.

Escalators for Departure Lounges

This brings me to where I began to feel like a little kid going on a jet for the first time again except there was no need for the jet only the sky bridge.

International Departures

I thought at this point I couldn’t be impressed anymore until…
I want to congratulate the person responsible before you see these photos so you can truly appreciate it. These lounges decorated by Mrs. Eloise Gonsalves the wife of the Prime Minister who is the head of the Finishing Committee of the AIA. She extends the design choices with emphasis on the colour of the airport into the lounges simply with grace.
The mirror display lining this wall reflect all areas of the lounge like a mosaic of the decorations.

I was thoroughly impressed with seeing the development and results of decisions made to truly create something that is aesthetically grand for us Vincentians to relish and enjoy with pride.  And as we were exciting the terminal I found myself feeling like we had a new hope

The wood and rope materials lining the accenting pieces is a true call to our caribbean routes while adding that modern strike of chrome and electric blues.

Reproduced with Permission – Written By Stephan Hornsey
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