Trinidad schoolgirl strangled, struggled with attacker

(Trinidad Guardian) An autopsy on the body of 16-year-old schoolgirl Rachael Ramkissoon yesterday revealed that she was strangled.

Her killer used a thin cord-like “device” to strangle her around the neck, according to the findings of pathologist Hughvon Des Vignes.

There was no evidence of Ramkissoon being sexually assaulted.

However, there were similar cord-like marks on her left forearm and right wrist, which suggested that she attempted to fight off her attacker, police said.

Yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, Ramkissoon’s relatives were unwilling to talk to the media and directed all questions to the police.

Last Friday, Ramkissoon was found face up, in the forested Balata Trace in Arena, a mere ten minutes drive from her home.

She was dressed in her uniform of the Northeastern College. Ramkissoon, a Form Five student, missed the bus and it is believed that she may have arranged for a taxi to take her to school.

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