" I do not own any boat," Says Minister Caeser

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caeser has sought to clear the air on a current allegation made about him by a caller to a recent radio program.

Caeser speaking on local radio Xtreme Fm on Tuesday 17th, January stated unequivocally,  that he does not own a boat as was suggested.

The Minister indicated that he owns an SUV and P2 ( P2 local slang for walking).

 He further told radio host Shevrell Mcmillan that persons would see him from time to time utilising public transport.

“ Those are the only means of transportation, I do not own a boat, but it is out there in the public that I bought a boat and that I brought it here,  and the Ministry of Agriculture is purchasing produce to send to a wholesaler in Trinidad, and it is putting Traffickers  at a disadvantage.”

The Minister further stated that the Ministry would shortly put out a press release on the matter pertaining to traders.

Caeser said he would be calling the radio program on which the caller made the statement to clarify such.

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