Fake 20 Dollar Bill's Circulating In Grenada

Vincentians are being asked to be on guard against fake 20 dollars bills that could make its way here shortly from the neighbouring island of Grenada.

In a release last Thursday 13th January, The Royal Grenada Police Force urged citizens there to be on the lookout for EC counterfeit $20 note bearing serial number LU259078, which is now in circulation on the island.

These fake bills are smaller than regular bills and lack the unique security features of the ECCB issued bank notes.

“On all of the banknotes, there are fish in the bottom left-hand corner on the front of the notes. When the notes are held up to the light, parts of the fish fill in, as areas on the back of the note line up perfectly with the front,”.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is the sole authority on printing the EC currency and makes public pronouncements when new notes go into circulation.

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