Dominica to be pit latrine-free by the end of 2017

(Dominica news online) Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has affirmed that by the end of the year 2017, there will be no pit latrines on the island,

Speaking at a Town Hall Meeting,  Skerrit said that a list of all persons in the country in need of washrooms had been looked at, and he is “systematically going about providing the resources to eradicate pit latrines in Dominica.”

“Because I want for this country at the end of December 31st, 2017 to proclaim to the world that we have no pit latrines in our country,” Skerrit said.

He also said that about the list of persons in need, resources are made available “irrespective of whom you are.”

“Everyone will benefit from this and I believe that we have to take this very bold step,” he stated.

The Minister for Housing and Skerrit himself are both overseeing the processes of this goal.

The average cost for the construction of a washroom amounts to E.C. $11,000 and will be funded by the Citizenship By Investment Program (CBI).

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