Chastanet: Saint Lucia is broke!

( St Lucia Times) Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has said that Saint Lucia is broke.

“We have seen for ourselves that the country is broke. How do I know that?  When  the fact  is  that you are only spending a million dollars on road rehabilitation, on maintenance, a million dollars on maintaining hospitals; a million dollars on training in the civil service- so you have over 12,000 employees, just imagine that , and you are spending a million dollars a year on training them,” Chastanet said.

He declared that this tells him that Saint Lucia is in trouble.

“The fact is that we continue to run a deficit,” Chastanet asserted, adding that there was need to change around the country’s fortunes, ensuring that money is invested in better areas.

He told reporters on Monday that he is convinced that the strategy being pursued by his administration is the right strategy.

The Prime Minister said he is very encouraged by the number of foreign investors as well as local investors who are willing to ‘stand up’ now and ‘make things happen.’

He disclosed that some ‘big meetings’ are planned for this week regarding the $US 2.6 billion Desert Star Holdings Limited (DSH) project in the South of Saint Lucia.

“We have been finalizing the deals and the terms with several other investments in the South,” Chastanet said.

He explained that the government continues to pursue a partner for the airport project and financing for the redevelopment of Castries.

According to Chastanet, the government had some very good meetings on the redevelopment and he is pleased with the direction in which it is heading.

“We are very much on pace with what we want to achieve,” the Prime Minister said.

He told reporters that he is more convinced every day that the strategy of his administration is the right one.

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