"Drop Ah Dollar" Catches 15000

An initiative called  “Drop Ah Dollar”  started by SVG  Consul General to Canada Fitzgerald Huggins, has netted  15000 dollars.

Huggins made the disclosure on Friday 13th January the final day of the campaign.

The initiative gave Vincentian’s a chance to contribute in a small but tangible way to the Argyle International Airport Project.

Huggins in a Facebook  post  said the following:

“ Today I am closing the “Drop Ah Dollar” campaign formally. I want to thank Charise Williams, Vanessa Ackee and Niasha Gordon at BOSVG for their patriotism and support. Today the final count from the bottle at the BOSVG was $1667.25 which brings the total to over $15000 since we started three years ago. I want to thank everyone who placed their trust in me and their money into those bottles and effectively has ownership of their airport”.

The picture shows Charice Williams of BOSVG counting the last bottle on Friday 13th January 2017. Photo Fitz Huggins

Handing over the cheques to Winston Wright Manager of Ground Handling and Cargo Service. The total sum handed over on the 13th January was $2449.25. $1000 cheque compliments Dr Richard Byron Cox. Photo Fitz Huggins

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