No Space For Squatters In The New City At Arnos Vale

“There is a project,  a concept of a project,  and citizens will hear the plans as we move forward”.

Such was  Dr Ralph Gonsalves response to radio host  Dwight “bing” Joesph on the new Arnosvale development.

Gonsalves said the 65 acres which the E.T Joshua Airport now occupies, is a beautiful piece of real estate and spoke firmly about the occupying of the area.

“ one thing I could tell you, you are not going to find anybody going to squat there,  I will be very firm on that”.

The Prime Minister noted that it is going to be a while before actual physical work commences in the area since a project of that size is going to require much planning and mobilising of resources.

Gonsalves told the radio host that government signed an MOU with a potential investor out of Trinidad for the development of a hotel, offices, restaurants and entertainment centres, the things you would find in a city he said.

The radio host asked the Prime Minster if he had any discussion with the private sector to which he said: “ I approach the industry all the time, I always want the industry partners involved, but the people are not coming forward for one reason or the other, life goes on”.

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