Medical Diagnostic Centre in Georgetown Set To Open In June 2017

The Medical Diagnostic Centre in Georgetown should have its official opening in June of this year, Prime Minister Gonsalves disclosed this information to which he says he is keeping his fingers cross.

He says he is doing so due to the nature of construction and those who issue timelines.

” I reluctant to the date, but it’s difficult to see the building go beyond  June”.

The Prime Minister further said that there were some technical issues related to electricals. However, he has been advised that such has been resolved.

When asked by the radio host if money was the problem,  Gonsalves said  “absolutely not” he said at the moment contractors are working on some equipment issues,  as they put the final touches in place.

The Modern Medical Diagnostic Centre in Georgetown was Scheduled to open at the end of 2015; such did not materialise.

The centre is being constructed at the cost of over $20 million EC by the Governments of Cuba and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Complex will be made up of a surgical, Dialysis and outpatient units.  Services that will be provided upon completion include: Renal Dialysis for adults and children, Intensive Care, Endoscopy, Ophthalmology, Radiology, Ultrasound, Laboratory and General Medical and Surgical Consultations.

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