Prime Minister Tells Radio Host Cane Garden Tunnel Is Still a Concept

One of the major projects outlined by the Unity Labour Party to the Vincentian populace for the 2015 general elections, is still at the concept stage.

The information was made public by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonaslaves while speaking on Boom Fm a local radio station on the island.

Gonsalves told the radio host Dwight “Bing”  Joseph,  “that is still a concept”.

The Prime Minister said a study was done as to the cost,  “ the relative cost”  of that and the road going around Cane Garden.

Gonsalves told the radio host that such project has to be done in conjunction with the development at Arnos Vale.

“ so we are at the concept stage with the tunnel,  “bing”  we need another point of entry into Kingstown, so we either go around CaneGarden or under it”.

In the party’s manifesto for the 2015 elections, Gonsalves was quoted as saying “ I am about to embark on the construction of a new city at Arnos Vale which will include a new hospital and a tunnel under Cane Garden to town”.

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