Memorial Service For 7 Children Who Died In Rock Gutter Tragedy Takes Place Today

A Memorial Service will be held today, Thursday 12th, January at the Fancy Government School, to mark two years since the heart-rending catastrophe at Rock Gutter, which claimed the lives of seven school children.

The Service will include prayers, tributes in memory of the victims and scripture readings.

Persons in attendance would include Government officials, parents, and relatives of victims, along with representatives from the New Haven Funeral Home.

A wreath-laying ceremony will take place at the site of the deadly crash sometime around 9.45 am, while the service will begin at 1.30pm.

Out of the seven children that died, five deceased were recovered from the sea and buried at the Fancy Cemetry, the bodies of Simonique Ballantyne and Chanstacia Stay, were never found.

The seven died on January 12th, 2015 in a horrific episode when a passenger van in which they were travelling cascaded over an embankment and plunged into the sea at Rock Gutter.

Rock Gutter is situated between the communes of Owia and Fancy in the North Windward Constituency.

A monument in honour of the children who died in is expected to be erected shortly by the Government.

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