"I don't involve myself in operational matters of the police force”

“ I don’t get involved in operational matters carried out by the police”, that was the answer given to Dwight “bing”  Joseph host of the OMG morning show on Boom 106.9 Fm.

The answer came in response to a question relating to a  recent proclamation by the police force to clamp down on motorists without proper license plates affixed to their vehicles.

Gonsalves said what he understands is that are a lot of people breaking the law as it pertains to licence plates.

“ I mean it is a simple thing if you are breaking the law about traffic regulations, the department under the law is required to deal with such matters”.

The Traffic Department of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines on Monday 9th, January,  issued a warning to motorists whose vehicle registration plates are not in compliance with the law that they had 24 hours to have them corrected.

Sergeant Henry Providence of the Traffic Department, speaking on behalf of the Traffic Department said: “We have observed where some motorists are putting number plates on dashboards, others are writing the numbers on papers as well as using italics on their number plates. We want to deal with those issues early this year.”

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