Trump Tower security until President-elect’s swearing-in will cost $37.4M

(NYDAILYNEWS) The city now expects to spend $37.4 million protecting Trump Tower through the inauguration — and will continue to shell out about $500,000 a day after Donald Trump becomes president for every day he spends at the Fifth Ave. skyscraper, NYPD officials said Tuesday.

The new estimate, revealed at a City Council oversight hearing, is up from the $35 million the city previously asked the feds to pay them back for — but Congress has offered up only $7 million so far.

The cost estimate rose after officials added the cost of traffic enforcement done by the NYPD’s civilian traffic enforcement agents.

The costs also account for the salary, overtime and benefits of officers assigned to guard Trump Tower, officials said.

“We end up with a financial hit,” said deputy commissioner of management and budget Vincent Grippo. “What you will see at the end of the year is an exponentially higher overtime budget.”

The NYPD had budgeted about $500 million for overtime, and agreed in previous budget negotiations to abide by an overtime cap, but now expects to blow past that number.

“This is an unprecedented event of a tremendous scale and size,” Grippo said. “New York City taxpayers should not ultimately be on the hook for that.”

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