Jamaica: Police shake-up after man accused in murder Of US missionaries escapes

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CMC – Police are searching for one of the two accused men charged with murdering two American missionaries who escaped while being treated at the hospital on Wednesday.

Dwight Henry had been charged with Andre Thomas with the April 30 murders last year of 53-year-old Harold Nichols and 48 year- old Randy Hentzel. The missionaries were fatally shot during a robbery in Albion Mountain, Port Maria.

Police have since announced a shake-up of the senior ranks at the St. Mary Police Division following the Henry’s escape.

Head of the Inspectorate of the Constabulary, Assistant Commissioner Wray Palmer, said that an investigation had been launched into the matter and that initial investigations have uncovered weaknesses at various levels.

“I have been advised that there have been changes at the management level…not the two men who were guarding the prisoner but at the management level,” Palmer said

A preliminary report on Henry’s escape will be submitted to the Police Commissioner on Friday.

“The report include the fact the escape took place at the Port Maria Hospital

And w….will include a few recommendations,, “ the Assistant Commissioner added.

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