Liat Aborts Landing At E.T Joshua on Friday Night due to high winds

A Liat flight into E.T Joshua Airport on Friday Night, 6th January 2017, had to be aborted, due to extremely high winds.

Residents in Cane Garden and Arnos Vale reported to News784 that from sometime around 8.30 pm last evening the winds picked up and in their opinions were raging.

One Arnos Vale resident told News784 that he saw a Liat aircraft making its approach sometime around 11.45 pm, but close to landing it took a quick turn towards the right in the direction of the sports complex and kept ascending until out of sight.

He further told News784, “ I kept looking,  about ten minutes after I saw a plane flying over but it did not attempt to land”.

Another eyewitness who was in the vicinity of the E.T Joshua Airport told News784 he saw a man which he presumed to be a Met official checking the weather instruments which is located not too far from the exit gate.

The eyewitness further told News784  “ I also saw a female immigration officer who came out from the customs area; she looked around then some minutes after the lights were turned off on the run away”.

The eyewitness told News784 that the Airport closed at about 12:20 am on Saturday morning.

News784 Efforts to get further information from Liat proved futile.

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