Forget Potholes Says Barbadian Prime Minister

Barbadian Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has responded to the recent public outcry about potholes, saying they were simply one of the inconveniences of life.

During a reception for repeat visitors at his official residence , the Prime Minister further downplayed the issue which has been a source of much national debate and consternation, especially among motorists, saying even tourists understood and expected to encounter potholes.

“They don’t behave as though they’ve never seen potholes in the roads in their lives, and they do not behave as though their societies are crime free,” said Stuart as he briefly entered the escalating public debate on the issue.

So concerned has been the Barbados Road Traffic Association about the pothole situation that they embarked on an initiative to highlight major potholes as a means of giving advance notice to motorists of these dangerous cracks in the roads.

With some motorists already said to be seeking compensation for damage caused to their vehicles, Minister of Housing Denis Kellman also found himself in hot water for questioning whether potholes can save lives.

However, before a mostly international audience that included Kellman and other members of his Cabinet, Stuart appeared dismissive of the entire issue.

“They [tourists] understand the real world, and in spite of the fact that from time to time you may have the inconveniences, which are really transitory, the warmth and the hospitality of the people of Barbados is what keeps them coming,” he said.

“That’s the magnet that attracts them to this society,” he added.

Adapted from Barbados Today

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