Trump’s immigration war may focus on visas: Reports say

Donald Trump’s big immigration war to deport Caribbean and other immigrants may focus on visas, according to reports.

The Washington, D.C.-based McClatchyDC news network on Monday, Trump vowed to direct the US Department of Labor to “investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the American worker,”

Trump’s investigation of the alleged misuse of the visa programs was the first promise he made on immigration after the US Presidential Elections in November, according to the Network.

McClatchyDC said “While it doesn’t generate the same headlines as building a massive wall, the visa issue is almost as explosive,” pointing to critics of offshoring as saying that a US visa program that lets in foreign workers is often the first step to moving American jobs overseas.

The H-1B visa program issues work permits to as many as 85,000 foreign workers a year with “highly specialised knowledge” to fill jobs when qualified Americans can’t be found, said the network.

But critics of the program say H-1B visas are increasingly being abused and that American workers are being laid off as US companies send work to outsourcing companies that employ thousands of H-1B workers, according to McClatchyDC.

However, it said the possibility that a Trump administration might target the H-1B visa program worries employers who depend on it.

The New York businessman pledged to deport the 11 million immigrants living in the US illegally, build a wall along the US-Mexico border, and reverse President Obama’s executive actions that have shielded hundreds of thousands of young Caribbean and other immigrants from deportation, saying that “they have to go,” according to McClatchyDC.

It pointed to experts, who say that once sworn in on Jan. 20, Trump could immediately — and has vowed to — reverse or at least stop renewing deferred action applications for about 700,000 immigrants brought to the US illegally as children to remain and work temporarily in the United States.


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