Trinidad:Pensioner sets house on fire, trying to exterminate bees

(TrinidadExpress) A Trinidad citizen lost his house in a fire ignited by a torch he was using to get rid of a swarm of bees on Thursday.

Vernon Niles sustained burns to his back and neck as he ran from the burning house at Belmont Circular Road.

Niles, a man in his 60’s, had lived in the house since he was a child.

A distraught Niles told reporters that at around midday he had attempted to eradicate the bees underneath his house using a torch.

However, as the bees tried to attack him, he dropped the flame and ran.

The concrete and wooden structure was destroyed despite the efforts of fire officers from the Belmont and Wrightson Road Fire Stations.

Losses were estimated at $100,000.

Niles was taken to hospital for treatment for the burns.

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