Argyle International Airport Will Not Change Our Economic Circumstances Says, Radio Host

For those who think that the Argyle International Airport will bring sweeping economic changes, “Think again, you got a whole other story coming” says Proprietor of Nice Radio Douglas Defreitas.

Defreitas speaking on his morning show said, “It will take 20 to 30 years to develop the root that can be beneficial, infrastructure is important, but don’t be deceived by people and their gift of something that you are paying for”.

“It’s no gift, taxpayers of this country will pay, and for all the things that have placed over the years with this airport, people will benefit will benefit because of greed and selfishness”.

DeFreitas further said, “families are put in place; they are lined up in a strategic position to make money, while others pay the tax bill”.

“I want you all to pay attention, Grenada had five cruise ships on Tuesday, what did we have?

“We have Ralph Gonsalves and the Unity Labour Party chipping away at the block of what’s left for Vincentians,” DeFreitas said.

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