Guyanese national who came to NewYork to attend his grandmother’s funeral shot dead over a gold chain

(NYDAILY) A Guyanese national who came to the United States to attend his grandmother’s funeral scheduled for Wednesday has been shot dead over a gold chain, becoming New York City’s first homicide for 2017.

Ricky Kalisaran’s family said that the 31-year-old, who had arrived in New York City last Friday, was killed during an attempted robbery in the Richmond Hill section of Queens, New York on Monday.

The gunman also shot Kalisaran’s brother, Sunny Kalisaran, 24, in the back.

The New York Daily News reported that the 24-year-old was still hospitalised and unaware that his older sibling was dead.

“They killed my son. They killed my son for a gold chain,” Ricky Kalisaran’s mother, Anita Kalisaran, 48, told the Daily News.

“They shot and killed him. He comes here for the funeral and (he’s) dead now.”

The brothers were reported to have spent the evening at The Underground Lounge, about a block away from where they were shot while walking back to their vehicle.

Police said that the brothers had refused to hand over their valuables to the robbers.

Paramedics rushed the brothers to Jamaica Hospital in Queens, where Ricky Kalisaran died of a chest wound while Sunny Kalisaran was listed in serious but stable condition.

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