Canada: Foreign farm workers demand permanent status

Toronto, Canada (Aljazeera) – Gabriel Allahdua admits he was caught off guard.

When he found out in 2011 that he was approved to come to Canada for a job as a seasonal agricultural worker, the 45-year-old was ecstatic.

He was unemployed at the time in his native Saint Lucia, an island in the eastern Caribbean, and thought “Canada came to the rescue” with the chance to once again provide for his family.

 But there was “nothing before that [could] ever prepare” him for the working conditions he encountered on a farm in southern Ontario, Allahdua told Al Jazeera.

“Canada prides itself on human rights and a place where everyone is guaranteed human rights and a decent standard of living. But when I got here [and] when I met with reality, wow, wow, wow… that was really disappointing,” he said.


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