Vincentian taxpayers to foot the bill for charter flights to AIA

Vincentians taxpayers will foot the bill for the two charters flights that will land at the Argyle International Airport on February 14th, 2017.

Speaking on local radio Star FM last Friday, Glen Beache head of the Tourism Authority confirmed such to the listening public.

Beache response came due to comments made on another radio station Hot97, where questions were asked about who was paying the bill for Caribbean Airlines and Sunwing inaugural flights here.

Sunwing will fly to Argyle on February 14th out of Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada while Caribbean Airlines will fly from John F Kennedy Airport, New york. Both are chartered flights.

Beache also outlined that “people will get more details when those tickets go on sale. It’s not confirmed yet, but we’ll be confirming everything in terms of Sunwing, you’ll probably be going through Sunwing for those Tickets out of Toronto”.

Mr. Beache said that for CAL, they’ll see if CAL will do the selling of the Tickets, or if they will have to use a tour operator to do such.

The airlines are expected to land at least an hour apart before the Official ceremony to declare the airport open.

Listen to Glen Beache below.

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