Opposition Leader To Hold Town-hall Meeting In Canouan This Evening

The opposition leader Hon Dr. Godwin Friday and Representative of the Southern Grenadines – Hon Terrance Ollivierre will hold a town hall meeting in Canouan Tuesday evening 3rd January 2017.

The meeting which will be held at the Lodge will seek to hear concerns of the people and so to have continued dialogue with both the developers and the locals.

Both Friday and Ollivierre met with management of the Canouan Resort Development earlier today to look into an ongoing problem that has been plaguing both the developers and the natives alike.

In an interview with Nice Radio earlier today, Dr. Friday outlined his reason for the meeting was mainly to get the facts and to understand the reasoning behind the barrier in the water amongst other issues regarding access to the beaches and the recent protest action.

The opposition leader Friday expressed his disgust with the Government for not speaking to the people of Canouan regarding these issues.

He said it is incumbent on the government to tell the people what’s happening and what is expected.

He continued that similarly there are issues at the Ottley Hall dock yard and at the Buccament Bay Resort and still yet the await a word from the government.

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