New low in Barbados crime

(CARIBBEANLIFENEWS) December has presented Barbados with unusual incidents in what residents see a year of crime increases, with robbers attacking the clergy, and in another instance, carting away 26 televisions from the national cricket stadium.

These two strange twists in robberies — where bandits showed no respect for men of the cloth in a country known for its religious fervor, and burglarized Kensington Oval, a place held dear to cricket-crazy Barbadians — seemed a symbolic end of a year in which residents cried out about an increase in crime, while authorities maintained that theft has been decreasing over the years.

Bishop of the Anglican Church of Barbados, Dr. John Holder, Wednesday severely criticized the new low attained by thieves who had robbed the minister in charge of the Sharon Moravian Church, and that place of worship’s organist, just as they pulled into the driveway of the institution in St. Thomas.

Expressing an overall worry of religious bodies about any form of theft, Dr. Holder said, “for us in the church, it’s a great concern when people enter churches and take property. It is not simply a matter of stealing, it is a matter of losing respect for sacred places.

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