National Insurance Services Turns 30"

A program of activities to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the (NIS) National Insurance Services will soon begin.

The anniversary of the institution will take place on Thursday 5th January; however, a week of activities kicked off on January 1st.

On Thursday 5th January the institution will host a customer Appreciation Day followed by a number of activities.

One of the highlights of the celebration will be a  financial symposium set to take place on Friday 13th January.

The Financial symposium would see the coming together of management for Credit Unions and Banks here in the state to look at the economic and financial challenges.

The NIS says the anniversary will also focus on improved delivery of service in all areas to their customers.

Celebrations will be observed under the theme “Financially sound and customer friendly, NIS turns 30”.

Reginald Thomas Executive Director, Mineva Glasgow, Deputy Executive Director, Lennox Timm Financial Comptroller: Photo NIS

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