Dzia Sports Bars In Upper Questelles Holds 6th Annual Children Christmas Party

Children from the South Leeward community would end the year in a festive mood, as the annual Christmas party held at the Dzia Sports Bar begins at 3 pm,  Saturday 31st December  2016.

Desborne Robinson manager of Executive Cars Inc. said this is the 2nd year in which he is assisting to ensure that the event continues to be a successful one.

The St Vincent Brewery and Coreas Distributors have been on board with the event from its inception.

The event includes, Bouncing castle’s, Dance competition, Modeling, Face painting among others, with gifts for over 300 hundred children.

Robinson said they were able to secure additional sponsorship from Courts St Vincent Ltd, Facey Trading, and Kelly Tire Shop.

Dzia has been able through the longstanding sponsorship of Brewery and Coreas to make the annual event a free one for the children.

Robinson also told News784 that he is proud to be part of such an undertaking and would always lend a helping hand to bring joy to the children of the community.

 He said it is a step in the right direction with so many negatives around.

Dzia annual children Christmas party began in 2011, with the Sports Bar in Upper Questelles playing host to the event.

The Questelles Development Committee through its members lends valuable support to the annual party.

Dzia is located directly opposite Philo’s Gas Station and owned by entrepreneur Dexter Samuel

By Ernesto Cooke

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