USA: Killer strangled 4-year-old son after boy spotted him murdering former teacher

The confessed killer of an ex-girlfriend in her Harlem home strangled their 4-year-old son when he stumbled onto the crime scene, police sources told the Daily News.

Miguel Barahona was in the bathroom when an enraged Isaac Infante attacked Felicia Barahona, and the killer was standing over her lifeless body when the little boy emerged, the sources said.

Duran then choked his helpless son to death, placing the boy’s body into the bathtub before fleeing the apartment during the Dec. 22 rampage, the sources said Wednesday.

“The defendant detailed the taking of a cord and taking it to (Barahona’s) neck until she turned blue and the life drained from her body,” said Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg. “The unsuspecting child had no idea he would be the defendant’s next victim.”

Infante confessed to killing Felicia Barahona, his former teacher at Dewitt Clinton High School — with whom he had a 4-year-old son, Miguel Barahona. (FACEBOOK)

Infante, 23, faces two counts of first-degree murder in the double-homicide. He admitted entering the apartment with the intention of murdering his ex-lover, sources said.

He was remanded without bail after the hearing.

Infante and Barahona were lovers while Infante was a high school student and she was his teacher, with the woman delivering their child in August 2012.

Her body, a telephone cord wrapped around her throat, was found four days later on Monday morning — with Infante charged a day later.


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