St Vincent: It's Official: Argyle Airport Opens On February 14th 2017

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves speaking on Star FM this morning said that February 14th, 2017 is the Official opening date for the Argyle International Airport.

Gonsalves in making the announcement said that it is a day that all citizens are looking forward to.

The Prime Minister said that he would be calling a number of other radio stations throughout the day to give them the good news.

“I know social media was hinting at it, and on Wednesday 28th December I had a meeting with all relevant stakeholders to make sure February 14th is a go”.

“A journalist called me early this morning and wanted confirmation”, Gonsalves said.

The Prime Minister noted that he was going to make the announcement in the New Year, but after the social media buzz, he thought it was fitting to go ahead.

Gonsalves said Glen Beache is the point man dealing with charters coming in on February 14th, however,  he is hoping that Vincentians overseas could help themselves along with business owners to organize charters.

“We are open for business”, Gonsalves Stated.

Listen to Gonsalves make the announcement.

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