Mya DeFreitas will represent SVG at CARIFTA championships in 2017

What a way to end the year! SVG now has a second female who has qualified to swim in the 2017 CARIFTA Swimming Championships! Mya DeFreitas swimming in her first year of 11-12yrs has met the SVGSF qualification requirements and will represent SVG at her first CARIFTA championships in 2017.

While swimming at this club event, these swimmers swam well and also brought home the medals:
Blacksands swim squad – Jamie Joachim – 2 Bronze
Fairly new club Bequia United Swim Club:
Tavonte’ Ford – 8 silver and 1 bronze
Samari and Tyrell Raguette: 2 Silver and 1 Bronze

Photo credit Mr. Kyle Dougan. In photo is Jamie Joachim and Mya DeFreitas.

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