Trump vineyard requests visas for foreign workers

President-elect Donald Trump’s Virginia vineyard — which is owned by his son Eric — raised ethical questions when it applied for temporary work visas for foreign workers.

Trump Vineyard Estates LLC filed a request to the Department of Labor on Dec. 2 seeking six H2 visas, which allows American employers to take in foreign workers for seasonal jobs.

However, those H2 visas do not grant them permanent stay in the U.S.

Workers are paid $10.72 per hour for a 40-hour Monday through Saturday work week with unpaid lunch breaks. Employment is expected to last from January to June, the application reads.

The winery’s website states that it’s “a registered trade name of Eric Trump Wine Manufacturing LLC, which is not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump, The Trump Organization or any of their affiliates.”

But Trump declared at a May rally that “I own it 100 percent, no mortgage, no debt,” when he referred to the winery.

Trump repeatedly vowed to deport at least 3 million immigrants and promised his supporters that he would bring back American jobs.

Although, Trump has employed at least 1,256 foreign workers — the majority from Romania and South Africa — in the last 15 years, CNN revealed.

The request could serve as a conflict of interest because Eric has been a constant presence in his father’s meetings and is also part of the transition team.


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