Ottley Hall Workers: Statement by Dr Godwin Friday Leader of The Opposition

Three days before Christmas 2016, Vincentian workers at Ottley Hall are at this moment protesting for their rights.

Vincentians have laboured at the Ottley Hall Marina, and have not been paid for their honest labour. Some have not been paid for weeks and months.

Vincentian workers are being exploited at Ottley Hall.

This sort of exploitation has already occurred on a regular basis at the Buccament Bay resort, which as we now know, has collapsed — and workers are now in danger of losing everything!

I do not have the full details on the Ottley Hall matter, as the situation is still unfolding, but I am clear in my opinion and my advice to Vincentians.

Vincentians, DO NOT ACCEPT EXPLOITATION. Recognize that exploitation comes in many forms and through many channels.

Do not accept it from Ottley Hall, do not accept it from Buccament, do not accept it from the enablers and the protectors of those who would come to exploit you.

Know your rights, seek proper legal advice, and stand up for your rights.

Know that you are entitled to protest, without violence, for your rights. Stand up and fight for your rights.

The New Democratic Party stands behind you in this struggle for your rights as employees of these companies and as Vincentians.

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