Frustrated Vincentian – Part Two

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Editor, this is the second letter am sending your way for publication, each day brings me closer to what I stated in my first article, that is if we don’t find a way to return to loving this country we will end up in the abyss.

I looked at Searchlight live Facebook video of workers seeking their outstanding wages, I saw big men, rugged men with tears flowing.

That was something to behold, these men explained on video that they had families with children who were depending on them for a bright Christmas, bills that were due, rent to be paid.

The anger, the pain, the frustration it was at unbelievable levels. This following the issue with Buccament Bay Resort workers who from all accounts have vanished into the sunset.

Why? What is really wrong with our nation? Who is in charge? Are we on our own?

So many questions which seemingly always go unanswered, with so many smoke screens place before issues only to quell the situation for a while.

This is our sad reality. When will it change?

I looked at 3 persons being killed in less than 24 hours, a woman who now leaves 4 children behind, a man who also leaves 3 children behind, plus one being shot by police.

Editor are we becoming a killing field. Why the blood spill what is all about?

Many times I wait on those in authority to give me assurances about the direction, but soon after I realize like the famous line from the reggae song, “am only waiting in vain”.

Recently the police had a press conference saying that St Vincent is still a safe place to live, some hours later an individual was killed.

Am going to say it again, we need to find new ways to be loving to our neighbors, not just in words but in deeds.

I am a citizen that holds no job, no property, no bank account, no vehicle, am a simply individual seeing the road that we are heading and ask if we could change the course and discourse.

There would be many who agree and disagree whatever your preference lets agree to disagree that something needs to be done to take us to the next level.

Frustrated Vincentian

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