Rose Place Fire Victims Receives Christmas Gift

Dillon Jack and his four children were the beneficiaries of the goodness of fellow villagers Tammy Kirby and Atiba Williams, this after they were presented with two barrels loaded with food and other personal effects just in time for the holidays.

Dillon and his children lost everything when fire gutted their dwelling on Tuesday 25th October 2016.

At that time SVG Fire Department had confirmed that none of the occupants of the wooden and wall structure were injured.

Tammy Kirby and Atiba Williams, now residing in New York, joined forces and solicited the support of Vincentians in the diaspora to help Dillon Jack, the father of 4 children.

Jack is the father of two girls aged 13 and 19 and two boys aged 14 and 20.

Tammy Kirby and  Atiba Williams have expressed heartfelt thank you to those who made it possible for Jack’s Christmas to be bright.

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