Error in Communication To Earlier Story

News784 carried an article earlier stating “both parents of an infant Died hours apart”. However, we were told that there was a mix up in the names of the individual’s. The man in Question (Vancito Balcombe is the father of 3 children but has no relation to Donna McKenzie.

His relation has to do with a woman from Sandy Bay who apparently was found dead on Tuesday evening in Vermont. Police are investigating that matter.

Earlier Story carried By News784 would have been an Error In Communication

When a child experiences the death of a parent, the emotional trauma can be devastating. Studies have shown that the younger a child was at the time of the loss, the more likely they were to develop mental health problems, including anxiety, mood, or substance abuse issues.

We don’t wish any of the findings for the infant shown in the photo above, and who lost both parents in homicides hours apart.

The infant’s mother Avi-Donna McKenzie Williams, 36yrs, of Chapmans Village, was killed on Tuesday 20th December 2016 at about 10:45 pm.

Reports are that the deceased was approached by a young man who inflicted the wound to her neck. She subsequently died.

Donna McKinzie Mother

Studies also revealed that family conditions after the death of parents and the future environment plays a significant role in the child’s development.

The one-year-old on Wednesday evening lost what would be an anchor according to the research, the father, Vancito Balcombe a 40-year-old of Langley park.

Information is that Balcombe received multiple stab wounds and succumbed to the injuries en route to the hospital.

Vancito Balcombe of Langley Park Father

Police are currently investigation both homicides.

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