A Number of Vincentians Denied Temporary Road Work Says, Activist

A number of Vincentians have been denied temporary employment with the annual Christmas road cleaning program.

This from political activist Luzette King, who said a number of persons have indicated such to her.

King, who has been leading the longest political demonstration ever in St Vincent, was speaking on Nice Radio on Friday when the claim was made.

“Vincentians we are not accustomed to this, try to stop it now”.

“We would be here on the front line every single day including Christmas day to remind Vincentians that we have a crisis”

King also took swipe at the Christian community saying, “As for the Christian community they call the Christian council every one of them should walk the streets and hang their heads in shame”.

King said she would be boycotting all church services this season as she does not know “who is who inside they”.

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