Vincentian Man Living In The BVI Found Dead

According to media reports coming out of the BVI, the body of an elderly man believe to be a native of St Vincent was found earlier this afternoon.

The media reports indicated that the man who was living alone was found after someone decided to check after not seeing him for the duration of the day.

The man according to reports was found lying facedown on the floor of his residence.

No name has been released as yet by homicide investigators.  However, a source indicated to us that the individual goes by the name “Arnold DeFreitas.

The individual  is said to have been found in an area called  Crabbe Lot and the ‘Ghetto’  in the capital Road Town

If you have any family member that carries the name “Arnold DeFreitas” and resides in the BVI, please call News784 at 496 2450/5339260.

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