Fish harvested from waterways adjacent to the old Park Hill and London cemeteries are safe

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and the Environment advises the general public that there is currently no public health risk associated with the waterways adjacent to and downstream from the old Park Hill and London cemeteries.

All fish harvested from these waterways are safe for consumption.

Additionally, the Ministry uses this opportunity to reassure the general public that there is no risk of the spread of infectious diseases from the disruption of old grave sites.

All infectious agents in the body of a deceased person die within 6 days following the death of the individual. No disease can, therefore, be transmitted by the exposure of persons buried greater than 6 days.

The Ministry, however, continues to advise the public that they should always be cautious about the way in which they use our rivers after floods.

The Ministry recognizes that the disruption of the final resting place of any Vincentian can cause significant emotional distress to the surviving family members.

It is, therefore, our intention to expand our current post floods psychosocial services through a partnership with other stakeholders, in a bid to provide support to those persons impacted by the disturbance of the cemeteries at Park Hill, London, and Rose Bank.

The Ministry is collaborating with the persons who hold responsibility for managing the three cemeteries damaged by the recent floods to ensure that all of the relevant protective public health processes are followed.

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